Disneynature’s ‘Born in China:’ Two Fact-Filled Videos

Are you overwhelmed by the cute yet? Image Credit: Disneynature

This week, Disneynature, Disney’s nature filmmaking label, launched two teaser trailers in advance of the April 21st launch of their latest Earth Day feature film, Born in China. Check out these videos to meet Ya Ya and Mei Mei, two members of the giant panda family the film will follow, and then learn a fun panda fact from Born in China’s narrator, John Krasinski.

Born in China not only will follow the giant panda family, but viewers will also meet a golden monkey family and a snow leopard mother with her two cubs. There will be gorgeous, rarely seen scenes from China’s deepest forests and unforgiving mountains.

My family is very excited about seeing Born in China next month, in part because of my Chinese heritage, but also because we are planning for it to be the perfect end to our day after Denver’s March for Science. Be sure to follow Disneynature through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to be the first to see upcoming trailers.

Born in China releases in the US on April 21st, just in time for Earth Day. A portion of all ticket sales during opening week will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund in support of giant pandas and snow leopards.

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