Cowabunga! Thomas & Friends Morph Into DC Superheroes!

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Yeah, I know I crossed the streams there. It was intentional. Following on the success of the Thomas MINI trains (sold in blind bags) from the past two years, Fisher-Price is branching out even further and mashing up the Thomas & Friends trains with TMNT, Power Rangers, and more DC superheroes.

In total, there will be 13 Power Rangers engines, 24 new DC engines, and 13 TMNT engines. That’s a lot of MINIs.

The DC Comics and Power Rangers MINIs will be available as 4-packs retailing for $6.99 and 9-packs retailing for $14.99 from this month in the U.S. and in select international markets, and the TMNT trains will follow this summer.

If you’re a die-hard completist, here’s the lineup for the Power Rangers set: Blue Ranger/Thomas, Black Ranger/Hiro, Pink Ranger/Rosie, Goldar/Victor, Red Ranger/James, Green Ranger/Percy, Yellow Ranger/Emily, White Ranger/Stanley, Alpha 5/Diesel, Rita Repulsa/Belle, Finster/Salty, Putty Patroller/Gordon, Lord Zedd/D-10.

The new DC trains include Nightwing/Toby, Swamp Thing/Gator, Superboy/Victor, Batman/Thomas, Black Lightning/Dash, Star Sapphire/Rosie, Krypton Armor Superman/James, Batman Beyond/Henry, Booster Gold/Dash, Red Tornado/Percy, Steel/Hiro, Black Hand/Stanley, Big Barda/Belle, Azrael/Gordon, Ice Batman/Edward, Boomerang/Diesel, D-Shot/D10, Bumblebee/Millie, Mr. Miracle/Sidney, Vixen/Emily, Mr. Freeze/Ferdinand, Clark Kent Superman/Salty, Armor Batman/Scruff, Arsenal/Skarloey.

And here’s what some of them look like. Happy hunting!

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