ScoutBox: The Monthly Subscription Box for Boy Scouts

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The contents of the ScoutBox Mystery Box I was sent for review. Image by Rob Huddleston

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage now, offering a range of products for a set fee each month. It can be kind of fun if you’re in to the theme, getting this box of stuff you’ll almost certainly like without knowing exactly what you’re getting.

A few months ago, I heard about ScoutBox, a subscription box targeted at Scouts, so I reached out to them to see what they were about. They responded that they would be happy to send me a box so that I could take a look once the service actually went live. My box arrived yesterday, and given that I really had no idea at all what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by what they packed into the small USPS flat rate box.

The contents I got:

  • A ScoutBox branded lanyard
  • A ScoutBox branded carabiner
  • A bottle of concentrated Campsuds liquid soap
  • An eGear headlamp
  • Magnesium flint and steel firestarter with whistle
  • Primacare mylar rescue blanket
  • A packet of Nestle hot cocoa
  • Two packets of Crystal Light power
  • Edoking SOS compact survival kit, which includes:
    • Multitool with pliers, flashlight, knife, saw, and two screwdrivers
    • Mutlitool card
    • Wire saw
    • Whistle/match holder
    • Magnesium flint and steel firestarter
    • Compass

All of the components seem to be fairly high quality. They aren’t the best of these products on the market, but they aren’t the cheapest, either. Certainly, they are the kinds of things you would buy for your Scout before sending him off to summer camp.

The contents of the Edoking SOS pack. Image by Rob Huddleston

However, the box they sent, which they call the Mystery Box, is not representative of what will be in the monthly subscription boxes. In fact, the creators of ScoutBox let me know via e-mail that “[t]he size and contents of all of our Mystery Boxes vary for every batch – we’ve shipped more than fifty hammocks, 3 Fitbits, $100 bills, free annual subscriptions to SCOUTbox, and a host of other “big ticket” items. These were dispersed throughout the 800 boxes that we sold along with other outdoor gear and branded apparel.”

When I asked for more details on the subscription, they said that “the monthly subscriptions will be a different format. Each month we plan to have a theme where we curate items within that theme. Those boxes each month will be the same and not have the random assortment of things like the Mystery Boxes did. So if you sign up for two subscriptions they will be the same.”

They also said that they hope to eventually offer boxes targeted at Girl Scouts, Venture Crews, and adult Scouters, but initially the boxes will be targeted at Boy Scouts–the program for boys aged 11-18. (Ventures, by the way, is a co-ed program run by the Boy Scouts of America for youths from age 14 through 21.)

Overall, I was quite impressed by this initial offering from ScoutBox. I definitely plan to look at the subscriptions, and will be talking about these with the other Scouting families I know. Subscriptions aren’t available yet, but they are building their mailing list for people to be notified when they are.

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8 thoughts on “ScoutBox: The Monthly Subscription Box for Boy Scouts

  1. Why would anyone support Scouts anymore, tbey have become a disgrace. My father, grandfather & myself were Eagle Scouts. I’m glad my dad & pops didn’t have to live to see what an embarrassment Scouts have become.
    I pulled my 3 boys & 2 girls out of their respective Scout programs.

  2. Looks like a nice set of things in a box. After 106 years of service to youth I’m glad my son and I are a part of it, even with some rocky times in the last 30 years for the organization. Now, how do I order this box a month membership?

  3. I am a scout for last 60 years.and have been Chief Executive officer of scouts.
    Attended international jamborees and world scout conference,in Norway, and Brazil, jamboree in Sweden, Asia Pacific conferences in Singapore, Japan, world top leaders conference in Japan. Attended world scout head office in Switzerland? Scouting is my life. Once a scout always a scout.I learnt a lot through scouting.

  4. While the tools and toys look nice, together they’re not all practical. The card-size multitool is cute, but I’ve not yet been able to make mine useful. The hot cocoa packet is a nice touch, it is impractical, as well. The compass will easily be lost, without a way to attach it to something else. I’d still give this a whirl.

  5. Hi I am a cub scout den leader , cub master , and a boy scout assistant leader our boys would absolutely love this.My two boy’s love getting new gear to try out how do i go about getting this and would love to be able to show my troop , we have 11 new weblos crossing over next week this would be great for them.

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