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Re-Roll: This Week’s Tabletop Game News

Re-Roll Tabletop Games

Here are the latest announcements and stories that caught our eyes this week:

  • Everyone’s favorite shufflebuilding game, Smash Up, has a lot of announcements this week: two expansions, What Were We Thinking and Big in Japan. Plus, the All-Stars Event Kit will give you a new All-Stars faction. But that’s not all! Smash Up will be coming to digital platforms this spring, and if you’re still hungry for all things Smash Up, hustle on over and take this survey and you’ll be sent an exclusive sheep faction later this year. It’s free, too. Not a baaaaaaaa-d deal!
  • If you’re an Imperial Assault player, you should know that Fantasy Flight has a new skirmish playmat, providing a setting of Anchorhead Cantina. Greedo definitely will shoot first, but will you have a better comeback to “He doesn’t like you… I don’t like you either” than Luke did? Here’s your chance.
  • Next week sees the release of Sherlock Holmes: Jack the Ripper and West End Adventures, with ten new adventures in grisly Victorian London.
  • If that’s a bit too creepy (or cerebral) for you, Days of Wonder releases another expansion to Small World next week: River World, which features storms and ships and pirates.
  • Looking further down the road, Arcane Wonders announced they would be bringing an English translation of Viral to the US. It’s an area control game where players fight to infect organs of a human body. Get a first look at Gen Con 50 this summer.
  • Warlord Games has a miniatures skirmish game set in feudal Japan coming up, Test of Honour. This week, they made the rules available, along with a brief overview of the mechanics.
  • Fully Baked, the Looney Labs imprint for adult-themed games, announced another upcoming title. Adult Mad Libs: The Game will be in stores this June.
  • What do you think of the new photo this week? Would you like to see a new image every week or stick with a static one so you know what to look for? Does anyone read this far down?
  • The Gen Con housing block opens this weekend. The procedure is new and a bit different than in recent years, so be sure to read our primer on registration and housing. It’s the 50th Gen Con–you know you want to go!

Finally, here’s what some of the GeekDad Crew has been playing this week:

  • Chris Wickersham: Kingdom Builder, Sushi Go Party, Manaforge (Kickstarter prototype), Headbandz
  • Robin Brooks: Primeclimb, Sushi Go Party, Mechabrick, Coup, Citadels, Gangs of Commarragh, Sing it Back
  • Jonathan Liu: Shadowrift, Can’t Stop Express, Clank! Sunken Treasures, The Ice and the Sky, Hero vs. Guardian, PACG: Mummy’s Mask
  • Mike LeSauvage: Star Wars: The Card Game, Forbidden Island
  • Randy Slavey: Chopper Strike, Family Feud
  • Gerry Tolbert: Jackal: Archipelago, Edge of the Empire
  • Preston Burt: Friday the 13th, Sushi Go
  • Ryan Hiller: Pathfinder RPG
  • Michael Harrison: Arkham Horror LCG, Carcassonne, Colt Express, Fiasco, Lords of Waterdeep, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Sheriff of Nottingham, Yspahan
  • Dave Banks: Starfall, Valeria Card Kingdoms, Onitama, Loopin’ Chewie, Villages of Valeria, Flag Dash
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