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This Nintendo Switch Super Bowl Commercial Finally Demystifies the Console

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Nintendo’s upcoming Switch wants to be many things to many people—that much was clear from the time GeekMom Kelly and I spent with the system last month in NYC. Unfortunately, this messaging hasn’t always been clearly communicated.

The upcoming Super Bowl LI spot, however, finally manages to drive home Nintendo’s hope that the Switch can appeal to many different gamers by offering many different kinds of games played in many different ways. Unlike the original reveal video, which focused solely on hip, young urbanites, this commercial showcases epic, core gaming (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), frantic multiplayer experiences (Splatoon 2), crazy party gaming (1-2 Switch), and even shows some love for us family gamers (Arms).

Check out an extended cut of this high-energy (and most certainly costly) advertisement below:

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