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Kickstarter Alert: The Doubleclicks and ‘Love Problems’

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The Doubleclicks
The Doubleclicks. Photo: Jessie Kirk

We here at GeekDad are big fans of The Doubleclicks, two sisters from Portland, Oregon, who sing geeky songs about superheroes and girl power and gaming. Even when they sing about falling in (or out of) love, Angela and Aubrey Webber manage to put a nerdy spin on things, tossing in references to Firefly or Godzilla or Dungeons & Dragons. Today they’ve launched a Kickstarter project for their fifth album, Love Problems.

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As the campaign page explains, Love Problems is their most personal album yet, and the songs touch on some very serious topics ranging from their personal lives to current events. For a taste of what to expect, check out their latest song, “Women Know Math,” which was just released this weekend—the video features artwork from 50 women and non-binary artists. I should note that Love Problems isn’t a kids’ album and may have a few swear words (like in the song “Sensitive Badass”) so it’s one you’ll probably want to preview before playing it for your kids. In the meantime, you can check out the rest of their discography over at CDBaby or watch videos on their YouTube channel, and there are plenty of kid-friendly titles there.

Doubleclicks USB drive
Rawr, velociraptor!

You can pledge for a digital copy of Love Problems for as little as $10, or check out the higher reward tiers for a signed physical CD and stickers, nerdy cross stitch pieces by Alyshondra Stay Meacham, or even a big box of stuff that the Doubleclicks will make for you. And if you haven’t heard The Doubleclicks before and want to catch up, there’s a $100 level that gets you all of their albums plus bonus tracks on a custom USB drive.

Check out the Kickstarter page for more info and to make your pledge!

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