DC on the CW: Trying to Outrun the Past

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So, is this a staring contest or one of those “last one with a hand on the Iris wins” contests? All images by The CW.

This week’s episodes featured M’gann, Joe West, and Oliver Queen all dealing with people from their pasts (even if Joe’s has been erased with the Flashpoint timeline), while the Legends head back to the American Revolution to face their former captain turned villainous lackey. We covered them all on the GeekDad Facebook page this week. Here are some of the highlights from those discussions.

‘Supergirl’ episode 2.11, “The Martian Chronicles”

Lisa H: M’Gann’s ex is in town and the dialogue is just terrible.

Joey: It’s good to know that domestic violence isn’t isolated to humanity… I guess.

Lisa H: Apparently toxic masculinity isn’t limited to the human race.

Lisa H: So White Martians are racist? They made Mars great?

Lisa H: Feels heavy handed in the current political climate. Just me?

Joey: Not just you. It started with a travel ban on green martians, then escalated into genocide.


Lisa H: We are checking all the boxes! Bad guy’s locked in with them. Building is set to blow. Let’s play…What boring horror trope is next?

Lisa H: We’re in lockdown!! It’s coming from inside the house!!

Joey: Oh, it’s like Clue. We just need Tim Curry as the butler.

Lisa H: Everything is better with Tim Curry!


Lisa H: We are searching for a rogue white martian is now the time for a heart to heart girls?

Joey: Yeah. That was bad. You’re giving hand signals because you don’t want to be heard speaking, then go into a heart-to-heart about feelings.

Joey: And we get the two telepathic martians having a verbal conversation while on the search…

Lisa H: Are they gonna turn Winn or Alex into Venom?

Joey: Oh, snap… all that terribad feelings dialogue didn’t even matter because that wasn’t Alex. Which begs the question, “Why bother in the first place?”

Lisa H: Exactly!


Lisa H: Martians make terrible CGIs!!

Joey: That’s like undergraduate project bad VFX.

Lisa H: Fighting is happening! I think. I know I’m getting dizzy though.

Joey: Seriously… 90s syndication called, they want their effects artists back. Maybe that’s why Supergirl is bringing in the star of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Get someone used to acting opposite this trash.

Lisa H: Seriously though. This CGI martian fight is terrible!

‘The Flash’ episode 3.12, ” Untouchable”

Lisa H: Have we discussed how Draco and the philosophers stone is also in this universe?

Joey: And dementors… time dementors.

Lisa H: Yes! It’s a Harry Potter rip off!


Lisa H: I’m putting my money on a Caitlin/Julian romance.

Joey: That’s the MO the writers have for Cait. She’s the perpetual star-crossed love interest.


Lisa H: Oh so Joanie is a ball of laughs huh?

Joey: So, it would be kinda icky if she and Wally hooked up, what with their parents dating, but this is the show that gave us Barry and Iris growing up under the same roof before their eventual boot-knockin’.


Joey: No more lies. You know, from here on out. No more. Not like the last time we said “no more lies”. We mean it this time. For reals.

Lisa H: But do we? Really?


Lisa H: We’re going to Gorilla City!!

Joey: Can’t wait! It’s one of the few VFX they actually do well.

Lisa H: I do not have faith after the bad Martian incident in this week’s Supergirl.

“Legends of Tomorrow” episode 2.11, “Turncoat”

Joey: Mick should do the open every week!

Lisa H: Yes!!


Lisa H: “Hitler ruins everything.” Great line.


Lisa H: Jax is totally Home Aloneing the ship!

Joey: I was going to go with a Stranger Things “let’s trap a demogorgon” reference, but Home Alone is more appropriate for the Christmas episode.

Joey: Which leads to the question, “Why wasn’t this the episode right before the holiday hiatus?”


Lisa H: Do we think Sara is going to stay dead this time?

Lisa H: Apparently she’s only mostly dead.

Joey: That means she’s slightly alive. All she needs is a Lazarus Pit or Gideon.

Lisa H: Or Miracle Max.

‘Arrow’ episode 5.11, “Bratva”

Joey: Is it wrong that the best journalist across all these shows is Rene the Wild Dog? Seriously. His interview skills make Kara, Jimmy/James, and Iris all look like amateurs.


Joey: That’s too bad. I enjoyed the look of Ragman’s powers onscreen. But, that’s why sometimes it pays to have no powers and a craptastic costume (::cough::Wild Dog::cough::). It costs a lot less in VFX and means you don’t have to take off a few episodes to save on the budget. Let’s hope they put some of that into doing a better job with the martians on Supergirl from here on out.

This week, we only have new episodes of Supergirl and Arrow, freeing up our Tuesday evening. Find our discussions of these two shows on the GeekDad Facebook page. New posts will go up two hours before the episodes air (that’d be 6:00 p.m. Eastern time on Monday and Wednesday). Watch the shows and comment with us live as they air or whenever you get the chance to watch them online or recorded. Post your thoughts in the days following the episodes. Check back often and weigh in as more comments are posted.

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