Daily Deals 020117

Save Big on a Tiny Desktop PC, Get a Crystal Growing Kit – FOR SCIENCE! Check Out the Daily Deals

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 020117

Need a desktop computer that won’t take up all the space on your desktop? Check out this little Lenovo I5 computer with 4GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD, 802.11ac Wi-fi, ethernet, Bluetooth, and a slew of USB ports for super-connectivity. And it comes with Windows 10. Just hook up a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and Bob’s your uncle! On sale today for just $380!

Growing crystals is one of the most magical bits of science you can easily do at home with your kids. This excellent kit provides the materials to grow seven different types of crystals, and includes nifty little display cases for each of them. Share the scientific wonder with your kidsĀ for only $15 today!


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