Meet Kidrobot’s Crayola Coloring Critters Blind Box Mini Series [Discount Inside]!

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I kinda love Kidrobot’s vinyl figures, so I thought I’d reach out and do a review, as I did for another company. Turns out they had a new series, one with a Crayola theme, so my timing was perfect. I figured they would send 5-7, like others have.

They. Sent. A. Full. Box.

Gotta catch ’em- wait no, wrong brand.
Source: Kidrobot.

As such, there was no way I was going to do an article. Instead, it’s video time. Gathered up the boy and a friend who’s also a videographer, plus his kids, and here we go!


I promise, people, I gave him the Canary right after that. In fact, after dividing the spoils, my son decided which Crayola Critter equaled which Pokémon. The Canary went to school with him, too.

At ten bucks a pop, the Critters are a fun, cute treat for your kid. And now they’re even cheaper. Enter the code “GeekDad10”  at checkout when on Kidrobot’s site and get a 10% discount on anything in the Crayola Collection. So you should go buy something. Stick it in a prize corner, take it out when they earn it.

OMG, they make PLUSHES!

I am gonna die of cute now. I am dead.
Source: Kidrobot.

Note: Kidrobot sent me that giant box, gave me this excuse to hang out with my good friend and family, and gave us the discount code. I feel bad, because I did not even get them a card.

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