GBBP 112: Terry Brooks

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 112: Terry Brooks

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Today, we’re starting to change things up a bit for 2017. In an effort to bring in different perspectives and voices, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll occasionally be switching up the cohosts. Fear not – Jamie and Justin will still be your primary hosts, but when it makes sense to switch up the roster, we won’t be afraid to do precisely that.

So, with that in mind, Samantha Fisher (of GeekMom) joins us today to chat with fantasy legend Terry Brooks. Terry published The Sword of Shannara in 1977 (followed by The Elfstones of Shannara and The Wishsong of Shannara in 1982 and 1985, respectively). Those books formed the first trilogy of the Shannara series – a series that now spans more than 30 novels, novellas, short stories, and graphic novels.

In short, it is one of the modern epics of the fantasy genre.

On this episode, we chat with Terry about his life’s work, his recent announcement that he’ll be wrapping up the story for good, interacting with fans, where he draws inspiration, The Shannara Chronicles on MTV, and Star Wars. What’s that? Yeah, Terry wrote the novelization of The Phantom Menace, so we chat a bit about the saga and get his thoughts on the current debate over Princess Leia’s future.


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