Games Workshop Preview: ‘Gangs of Commorragh’

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Two households, both alike in dignity. In foul Commorragh, where we lay our scene. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny. Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

The relentless string of releases from Games Workshop continues. Following on from standalone releases such as Lost Patrol and Blood Bowl, the company is bringing out another 2-hander set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Gangs of Comorragh, styled as “Breakneck Combat in the Dark City”, features gangs of “Dark Eldar” fighting it out on hoverboards and jetbikes. The game is available for pre-order now, priced $60 (£35, €45).

In the above video, I have unboxed the components, but here’s a brief overview of the game and its contents.

The box states, that it is “complexity rating 1,” so it should be simple to play. Lost Patrol had a similar rating. Game time is slated to be one hour, so a little longer the Lost Patrol. I’ll be interested to see if younger gamers can handle it. Personally, I’m looking forward giving Gangs of Commorragh a go. I enjoy playing Age of Sigmar, but it can be hard to squeeze games into an evening after the children are finally in bed.


  • 6 Dark Eldar Reaver miniatures.
  • 10 Dark Eldar Hellion miniatures.
  • Commorragh Terrain Pieces.
  • Markers Counters and Dials.
  • Rules.
  • Getting Started Sheet.
  • 2 Reference Sheets

The Dark Eldar miniatures are from 2005 and 2010, so again GW is repurposing its older figures. The components are all of good quality, though I imagine serious model-makers will soon want to fashion their own terrain. The provide towers look OK, but are rather bland compared with the features built by some GW aficionados.

The Dark Towers

The game looks to be fast-paced, with the jetbikes taking mazy runs through the buildings, whilst trying to shoot down their opponents. I’ll hopefully have a playthrough and full review up in the next couple of weeks.

The campaign rules look interesting. Setting up the possibility of narrative arcs for your fights, or just to add some interest and flavor, rather than a straight battle. As you play, your gang can gain experience and improve. Grudge matches and turf wars can build your team into the stuff of legend, or for the more literary amongst you perhaps you teams will be fighting thanks to the fallout of star-crossed love.

Gang Members Assembled!

Gangs of Commorragh is available for pre-order now and will be available from 1/28/17. I was sent a copy of the game to review.

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  1. They were both released 2010, same time as current warriors, wyches and raiders. Plus 5th edition codex.

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