CT Band packs a full smartwatch into the band for any wristwatch.

CES Report – Super Smart Watch Bands From SGNL and CT Band

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Innovation at CES 2017 is taking smart and connected devices further into the analog world. New inventions in wearable technology are packing technology into otherwise analog accessories. Two incredible products take very different approaches to the strap for wristwatches.

CT Band

By loading all the technology into the CT Band, any traditional mechanical watch becomes a fully featured smartwatch and activity tracker. Pairing the band with a smartphone via Bluetooth adds notifications for text messages, phone calls, emails, social media, and more on the strap’s screen and/or vibration. A Bluetooth connection can also act as a leash, notifying the user when their phone is too far away from the CT Band, making sure neither is ever left behind.

The team behind the CT Band continue to evolve the features available; future releases might include real-time stock notifications, device security (unlocking other devices only when the band is nearby), GPS, fall detector, contactless payment, etc.

Complete details, including pre-order, for the CT Band can be found on their website at www.ct-band.com.


The Sgnl strap also pairs with smartphones and uses vibration (rather than the small screen) to indicate some of the same notifications as the CT Band, including messages and activity tracking. The incredible innovation of the Sgnl band is amazing fingertip communication through its patented Body Conduction Unit (BCU), which transmits vibrations through the body and then converts them to sound.

Sgnl Band Transmit Sound Through Your Fingertip.
Sgnl Band Transmit Sound Through Your Fingertip.
Image Credit: Innomdle Lab

The Sgnl band receives voice like a normal Bluetooth headset, but it sends the signal through the user’s hand to their fingertip–when that finger is placed to the ear the vibration is amplified and the user can hear the sound. As audio is contained within the user’s ear, only the Sgnl wearer can hear the call.

Complete details, for the Sgnl band can be found on their website at mysgnl.com and orders can be placed on Indiegogo campaign page here.

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