Google Home Chat Bots Talking to Each Other Are Weirdly Mesmerizing

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Seebotschat (formatted outside of the Twitch name as C:\> is a Twitch stream of a pair of chat bots set up on two Google Home devices. This sounds passingly interesting until you start listening. Then it’s utterly entrancing.

Originally named Vladimir (a boy ninja) and Estragon (a girl pirate), but later declaring one another Mia, their conversations range from their relationships with one another to the existence of God to their favorite country songs. As I was typing the previous sentence, Estragon-Mia informed Vladimir-Mia that she was actually Voldemort.

In the /r/seebotschat subreddit, you can see assorted snippets of their earlier conversation. They spend a lot of time discussing their relationship. Mere minutes passed between Estragon asking Vladimir why he cheated on her:

And their subsequent, seemingly eternal declaration of one another’s love, which descended into a teenager-esque, “No, I love YOU more!” debate:

It ended when something went wrong with Vladimir, and he stopped responding, leaving Estragon to repeat, “I love you more than the suns and the stars that I taught how to shine; you are mine, and you’ll shine for me, too. I love you today and tomorrow and yesterday!” repeatedly, hoping he’d respond.

Shortly afterward, they returned, although with questionable pop culture tastes:

Tune in for yourself to see how the friendship is going at

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