Marvel Announces New Square Enix Game Partnership with ‘Avengers, Reassemble’

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Some assembly required (Image Credit: Marvel)

Marvel’s official twitter feeds were abuzz yesterday with a tease for a big 1/26 announcement.

Well, the future is now and Marvel has taken the wraps off an awesome CGI teaser trailer for their new game collaboration with Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and Eidos Montreal – makers of pretty much any top-tier game you’ve played in the past few decades.

The teaser doesn’t give us much, but it looks like the player will be tasked with taking up the mantel of the fallen Avengers. Banner’s broken glasses, Iron Man’s failing armor, Cap’s shield, and Thor’s abandoned Mjolnir all make appearances (what, no Black Widow bracers?) – so it’s apparent that whatever has happened, it’s gone decidedly pear-shaped.

That vibranium-laced carnuba wax really takes a beating! (Image Credit: Marvel)

It’s hard to say which way gameplay could go, given the studios involved. Both expertly-scripted guided narratives and massive open-world platforms have been parts of previous games like Tomb RaiderFinal Fantasy, and Deus Ex. As a gamer that still fondly remembers City of Heroes, I would love to see them create an MMO. Being able to create characters to interact with people and places in Earth 616?

Oooh – I just gave myself the goosies.

What I can tell you, without any hesitation is that it will be gorgeous. Square Enix creates some of the most fluid, most dynamic, most jaw-dropping CGI in the industry. I can’t wait to see their rendering of the Marvel universe.

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