How a Super Hero Cookbook Saved My Son’s Birthday

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"Quickly, Robin, to the BatKitchen!" Source: Downtown Books
“Quickly, Robin, to the BatKitchen!”
Source: Downtown Books

I fancy myself something of a baker. Recently, for my son’s birthday, I wanted to bake everything myself. There was just one problem: I could not find a Flash cookie cutter. They were sold out on Amazon at the time, and no one else seemed to have it in stock. I was going to give up and just use my weak cake decorating skills (hey, they taste good–they just look bad), when I bumped into Downtown Bookworks at NY Comic Con. They handed me the above cookbook (DC Super Heroes), as well as some others (which I will get to below).

The cookie cutters worked perfectly (sorry, no photos), and even more importantly, my son loved the cookbook. He flipped through it time and again, pointing out things he wanted to make. He’s always liked helping measure, etc, but this is the first actual cookbook he has shown an interest in. For that alone, I give it high marks.

I also made Bat Treats, for the Gluten Free kids. Source: Me.
I also made Bat Treats for the gluten-free kids.
Source: Me.

Downtown Bookworks has been publishing licensed DC books for a while now, with a larger focus on board books. Even Superheroes Sleep is a bedtime favorite.

I love that they have Batman, a nocturnal hero, on the cover.

A quick note on the Girl Power book? When that first came out, some people were not enthused. I get it; it’s a very basic board book, and all the ladies had to share a book. Personally, I take more issue with the writing.

Since when has Hawkgirl been able to heal others?!
Since when has Hawkgirl been able to heal others?!

Thankfully, Downtown has also done paper books, which have a bit more detail. I give you, The Big Book of Girl Power:

There's the Hawkgirl I know.
There’s the Hawkgirl I know.

It’s interesting to note that the larger books contain new commissioned art, while the board books very cleverly re-use the art of José Luis García-López (likely from one of the DC Style books he did in the ’80s). Sadly, neither version seems to credit the artists.

The DC Hero board books feel very much like something that parents who grew up on ’80s comics can buy for their kids. The board books are not as engaging as some, and you might get bored of re-reading them (something that never happens with say, a Mo Willems book). Still, if your kid is as into superheroes as mine is, the language is basic and it may help them get comfortable reading!

But the real winner here is that cookbook. It has all the engagement that the other books lack. It’s a great kitchen activity book for your kids and you.

Note: Downtown Books not only saved my son’s birthday, but they’ll also be saving my twin nephews’ Chanukah. They’re getting board books!

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