Boldly Go and Join ‘Star Trek Adventures’ Playtest

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Back in the mid 80s, I picked up a copy of FASA’s Star Trek: The Roleplaying Game, never realizing just how much enjoyment I’d get out of the original rules and all the supplements that would be released over the years. The game’s focus was mostly on The Original Series (TOS) and the follow-up movies, and players were given the opportunity role-play as a Federation officer serving on board a starship. The roleplaying events were matched by a couple variations of starship combat systems that involved allocating power from engineering to the various duty stations. All in all, it was an amazing game and one that has a permanent place on my gaming bookshelf.

FASA’s ST:RPG wrapped up in 1989, leaving behind two editions, over a dozen adventures, and over two-dozen supplements that included content for updating a campaign to Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) period. For fans, it was a tough loss, but many (myself included) assumed it wouldn’t be too long before a new RPG based in the Star Trek universe would make an appearance. There was Last Unicorn Games’ Star Trek: The Next Generation Role-Playing Game in the late 1990s and Decipher’s Star Trek Roleplaying Game in 2002; I examined both systems but neither grabbed me.


But now, Modiphius Entertainment has just opened up its playtesting for its Star Trek Adventures RPG, and I’ve got to say that I’m likin’ what I’m readin’! Right now, you can click on a button to choose a ship from the 23rd century or three possible ships from the 24th… provide your name and email address as requested and you will likely be sent over the rules, adventure, pre-generated characters and a few other documents to try out with your gaming group.

I’ll be posting more details about my playtesting (including thoughts on the rule system) in a follow-up post. If you’re interested in signing up, here’s the link to get started. This page has a LOT of information that includes a Q&A, links to discussion groups and much more. Published artists and adventure writers are also invited to apply. (I’ve enjoyed writing a handful of adventure for Goodman Games, so I’ve submitted my name to try and write an adventure — wish me luck!)

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