‘Defeat the Hydra’ and Check Out the Latest Kickstarter Campaign Playsheet for PlaySmart Dice!

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[This post is by Jim Moran of PlaySmart Dice, who is sponsoring GeekDad and GeekMom today by promoting the Kickstarter campaign for their awesome new dice set that help teach math facts fluency while providing a new gaming experience for kids and parents alike.]

Continued thanks to all our supporters for getting us so much closer to our funding goal! We have some great updates and new content we will be posting this week—a new base table game and a playsheet sample from our “fantasy pack” (see below)! If you haven’t been following our innovative approach to sharpening math skills with our unique dice and games, make sure you read about us and watch our videos at http://kck.st/2eZscBR

Check our “Defeat the Hydra” battle playsheet…

PlaySmart Hydra
PlaySmart Dice™ “Defeat the Hydra game, copyright 2016.

Inspired by RPG melee play, this game thrusts young players right into battle with a 5-headed hydra. Played with our Mean 12 set of dodecahedron dice that have specially chosen number combinations, this game develops fluency in harder-to-learn math sums (see our campaign video http://kck.st/2eZscBR) by building long-term memory through unforgettably engaging game play. Our fantasy playsheets will be an add-on to our current campaign if we meet certain stretch goals, so be sure to consider backing us!

In addition to our games that use the challenging and engaging playsheets, you can use our dice in the fun base table games we have developed (see our videos), many existing board games, and we even have RPG conversion tables that allow young RPGrs to develop math fluency while they play their favorite RPGs.

This week, we plan to release a gameplay video of our most advanced table game yet—Prime Time. In this game, players roll all four of our patent-pending dodecahedron dice in an attempt to achieve prime number results for numbers up to 97. We sometimes call this game “Scrabble but with numbers,” but instead of spelling words you are trying to produce prime numbers. The game forces players to manipulate sums, differences, products, and quotients with a given set of randomly assigned numbers in an attempt to get the highest scoring results. This game is a great compliment to our other base table games, which come with most of our dice-backer packages on Kickstarter.

So thanks for taking the time to learn about our innovative approach to dice gaming and learning. We’ll have more information on additional playsheets and other items for our various add-on packages. Have a great holiday season and please don’t forget to share our campaign http://kck.st/2eZscBR on social media and follow us on twitter @playsmartdice.

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