Daily Deals 121916

Save Big on Amazon Echo, Logitech Harmony Ultimate, 100 Great Movies, and ‘Dungeonology’

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 121916

One of the hottest gadgets around is the Amazon Echo (and its companions, the Dot and the Tap), with the excellent Alexa assistant technology. It’s the best way to put a bit of technology into the home of your favorite non-techie people (my parents love theirs). And you can get them in time for Christmas for just $140 today!

We’ve been fans of the Logitech Harmony Ultra for a long time, and it makes a great gift for the person with a home entertainment center whose remotes need taming. And the hub works with Alexa now so you voice control your equipment! Save big today on both models!

Want to treat the movie lover on your list? Get the massive collection of Warner Brothers’ 100 greatest films for just $75 on Blu-ray and digital copies.

It’s not often we get to feature something on Daily Deals with a direct GeekDad connection, but today we do! It’s Dungonology – a beautiful tome featuring the history and people of the Forgotten Realms, the beloved game setting for Dungeons and Dragons. And this was written by former GeekDad writer Matt Forbeck! You can pick it up for the RPGer in your life for just $10 today!


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