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Kickstarter Update: PlaySmart Dice Rolling Towards Success!

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PlaySmart Dice

[Note: This post comes to us from our sponsoring partner PlaySmart Dice and their Kickstarter campaign for the fun and educational dice that will change your tabletop gameplay and help your kids become math wizards!]

Thanks for all the continued support on our game-changing dice campaign! If you haven’t been following our innovative approach to learning with our unique dice, make sure you read about us and watch our videos at

With all the great support we’ve gotten from our backers, we’ve gone ahead and commissioned additional artwork for our fantasy and action playsheets. Stay tuned for a special preview of our “Defeat the Hydra” battle, which we will be posting very soon (perhaps by the time you read this post). The captivating artwork on these RPG-inspired playsheets (mixed with a bit of homage to retro video game imagery) are a great way to get imaginitive young players to build the math skills essential for higher levels of intellectual development. We’ll be offering these playsheets as add-ons to our current campaign after our initial goal is met. So please consider backing us if you haven’t already!

If you become a backer, feel free to copy and print our Backer Gift Notice—a great holiday gift idea for family and friends—posted under update 6 on our campaign page. We have fun base games with options for players as young as 6 (see our videos), and our playsheets and RPG conversion tables sharpen math skills by leveraging the benefits of memorable, tactile play.

Thanks again to all those who are helping us bring our innovative approach to dice gaming to the broader gaming community. We’ll be posting more content and updates after the holidays and we hope you can help us finish our campaign on a high note. We’ll have some more information on additional gamesheets and other items for our various add-on packages, as well as a new base game that emphasizes more advanced math operations.

Have a great holiday season and please don’t forget to share our campaign on social media and follow us on twitter @playsmartdice.

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