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Five Things Parents Should Know About Let’s Start Coding – With a Coupon Code! (Sponsored)

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Base Kit
The Base Kit comes with all the components you need, and projects on handy cards.

Let’s Start Coding kits are the next step for kids who have done some basic electronics and programming and are ready to learn more about building and coding (see the introductory GeekDad post from last June). Let’s Start Coding combines physical building with program coding to create various guided projects to take you and your older child’s (kits are designed for parents and children ages 13 and up) basic understanding of coding to the next level. If this sounds like something that might excite and interest you and your kids, but want to learn more, here’s five things you should know about Let’s Start Coding:

It’s Simple: The Let’s Start Coding kit presents electronics and coding in a truly easy-to-understand way. The components and project cards stay neat and organized in the carrying case, ready to use at a moment’s notice, but ready to be tidied up and stored without fuss. The recently-launched coding web app that allows you and your kids to code directly from the web with under 5 minutes of setup time, making the process from hardware assembly, to programming, to upload, to functioning as simple as can be.

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It Teaches: Let’s Start Coding is designed to be relevant to that middle-school-aged child who wants to build something tangible while learning real code. The projects take longer, since you and your child are building both the physical item, and coding the project to do what you desire, but there is satisfaction when your child’s patience pays off in the form of a completed project. Let’s Start Coding is fun, but focused on learning. It’s not just a toy; you and your kids will learn plenty. It’s an ideal way to get them thinking about how hardware and code impacts their everyday devices, and by extension, their lives.

LSC Cards

It’s the logical step between drag-and-drop coding and using the terminal: If your child is ready to move past drag-and-drop coding architectures like Scratch, but not quite ready for a Linux terminal and Raspberry Pi boards, then these are the kits for you. The guided lessons put all of the learning resources in one place: hardware hookup guides, example code, challenges, and educational resources. The hardware is real, not dumbed down snap-circuits-style toys, but the Let’s Start Coding kits assemble easily, avoiding soldering, breadboards, wiring, and resistors, so you and your kids can spend less time looking for loose wires and more time making cool projects.

LSC Lights

It’s fun! While Let’s Start Coding is an educational experience, the joy is in making things that produce tangible results with a “wow, I made that!” excitement factor. Some of the projects you and your learner can build using the kits include:

  • LED Flashlight
  • Button-Activated Siren
  • Four Note Piano
  • Old school video game (Jump Man)
  • Temperature-sensitive strip of LED lights
  • Sound-sensitive LEDs


LSC Screen

It’s Affordable: The Let’s Start Coding Basic Kit starts at just $40. Even better, the components don’t cost an arm and a leg to replace or supplement. Or, you can get an Ultimate Kit with special sensors, LEDs, and even an LCD screen so you can build projects that will talk back to you. And if you use the coupon code GEEK5 at checkout, you can save $5! Check everything out at letsstartcoding.com!

[Note: This posts was sponsored by Let’s Start Coding, but the product is something GeekDad strongly recommends.]

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