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Strongbody Apparel is a Vancouver company in the truest sense. Its cutting-edge activewear is designed and manufactured in Vancouver, BC, allowing for both tighter quality control and to ensure ethical working conditions—all while supporting the economy of the city that is its muse.

It’s little surprise, then, that Strongbody’s latest creation takes its very name from the city’s historic district: Gastown.


Co-founded by Meghan Conyers and Quincy Samycia with nothing more than a $5,000 credit card, Strongbody Apparel officially launched in 2014 through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Now, Meghan and Quincy have returned to Kickstarter to help fund the next piece in their innovative menswear line, the Gastown Jacket.

Strongbody previously made waves with its use of chitosan, an antibacterial agent refined by treating the chitin in crustacean shells with an alkali, as a natural odor-fighter. That, combined with a meticulous design process that focuses as much on movement as it does on style, has helped elevate the brand over its competition. The Gastown Jacket, however, even goes a step further.

Sleek and versatile, the Gastown is a lightweight jacket that is breathable, waterproof and windproof, and constructed for maximum comfort. Oh, and it promises to be the one piece of performance outerwear in your closet that’s backed up by a lifetime warranty.


As a fashion nerd, the thing that’s most impressed me about the Strongbody line is the attention to detail. In addition to the chitosan treatment—which already has a shade of sci-fi cool all its own—its garments offer things like paneled construction for superior fit, double-stitched chafeless seams, and subtle branding.

The fact that I can now add to this list a lifetime warranty covering everything from stitching to zippers? Well, that only sweetens the deal.

The Gastown Jacket is designed to be a perfect solution for any active lifestyle. Whether your day takes you to the gym, on an impromptu hike with the kids, or dashing from one airport terminal to the next, it’s a garment that will keep you cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the entire life of the product. Let’s see your average track jacket do that!

Earlybird deals are still available for as little as $99 CAD (that’s around $74 USD), so get in on the ground floor of what’s sure to be another Kickstarter success story for Strongbody Apparel.

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