Bad Detectives board game

The Dice Section #32: ‘Bad Detectives’

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Bad Detectives board game

If you like playing games, then you’ll love the Dice Section podcast. Hosts Michael Harrison, Dave Kirby, and Geoff Morochnick get together and talk about what they’ve been playing and why, and explore their favorite games and what makes them awesome.

In this episode, we revisit New Bedford, because it’s our new favorite worker-placin’, city-buildin’, whale-huntin’ game. We can’t stop thinking about it, we want to play it every time we hang out, and we’re basically in love with it and want to marry it.

We also played Bad Detectives, the winner of 2015’s Tabletop Deathmatch competition. It’s a tile placement game all about terrible cops solving a murder in the worst possible way. We discuss why it really didn’t work for us, how a reality show may not be the best way to develop a good board game, and chasing that mysterious and elusive game component called “fun.”

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