Keychain Upgrade w/ Tile

Geek Out Your Keys With Tile Mate, ‘DC Bombshells,’ and BeON

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Keychain Upgrade w/ Tile
It’s time to upgrade! (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

They might not be the most exciting things that you own, but your keys are a constant companion wherever you go. Don’t they deserve the same kind of blinged-out, Geek Pride attention that everything else you own gets?

Tile Mate
Not shown, my comparatively huge (and dirty) Tile Classic (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

First off, make sure that you can find the damn things. I’ve gone on and on (and on) about Tile. It’s for good reason–ever since Tile saved my wife from having to dig through an entire elementary school’s trash to find her lost keys, I’ve been sold on the diminutive, square Bluetooth tracker. Hot on the heels of the Tile Slim (which my wife immediately stole for her purse) comes the Tile Mate, the next generation of the original Tile tracker. It’s 25% smaller, which is fantastic when you want to cut down on bulk in your pockets. The redesign keeps the “will never, ever accidentally pop off your keychain” hole but trades out the hidden “e” button for a very pronounced “Tile”button in the center of the device (which will hopefully weather wear a little better–the original gets a bit dirty). Thankfully, volume wasn’t sacrificed when it was made smaller. Tile Mate’s find tone (you can choose from four) is just as loud as the regular Tile. You can pick up Tile Mate on Amazon now for $25. Four-packs are available at a discount on the Tile website.

So you’ve found your keys, but they’re so boring. Remember the days when you would load your keys up with keychains from every country you visited, including a giant pewter zodiac wheel that you found in Switzerland, and then you carted around this mass of clanking metal until someone stole it out of your backpack in the first-floor high school boys room one morning before class? No? Just me? Suffice to say, I love keychains. I’ve been avoiding them for a while because I have a tendency to go overboard and create ignition-destroying collections. But when you’ve got push-button ignitions (like on the 2016 Prius Four… foreshadowing!), whether or not your keys are too heavy is a moot point! Thankfully, Cryptozoic is here to help you bling out your keys and help you start a new collection with their DC Bombshells keychains.

Cryptozoic DC Bombshells
Here for all your retro-DC bottle opening (and key holding) needs! (Image Credit: Cryptozoic)

They’re made from a zinc alloy (so they’re heavy as heck, you won’t be stringing multiples together) and shaped like bombs (with a bottle opener at the top). The biggest draw of the keychains is obviously the classic nose-cone style art pulled from various DC Bombshells covers. You can choose from Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Supergirl, Poison Ivy, or Black Canary. Wondy, Supes, and Harley are my favorites… I might have to acquire an extra vehicle so that I have an excuse to get more! You can pick them up for $6 at your friendly local comic book store (but try to get there the day that they arrive if you want Harley–she’ll sell out fast).

BeON Key Fob
Just remember which button is which after the printing wears off… (Image Credit: BeON)

If you want a little more utility from your keychain (and your pockets aren’t bursting yet), and you happened to grab a pack of BeON bulbs after I reviewed them last year, you should nab their new key fob. This handy bit of hardware will turn on all your bulbs (even if their outlets are turned off) when you get home and set them all to Away mode with a button press. It’s a lot more convenient than waiting for the app to launch (which can take some time). It’s currently available on the BeON site for $29.

What’s your favorite keychain accessory? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I wish they would make tile in bright orange. Part of the problem of finding your keys is that they can blend into things, and having a device that can blend in just as well as the thing you’re trying to find doesn’t help. Making it orange calls attention to itself, and helps without the thing even having to be on.

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