Unreal Estate Board Game Art

The Dice Section #31: Marc Specter and ‘Unreal Estate’

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Unreal Estate Board Game Art
Image: Grand Gamers Guild

The Dice Section is a podcast about board games, video games, and roleplaying games. All of the games that we play when we want to have fun and escape the rigors of the real world for a bit. We usually play a game and then record a few days later, but this episode? This one is a little different.

Sometimes I run into interesting people in the games community and I have questions for them. Mainly for my own edification. I’m a dad, I work a nine-to-five job, and I often feel like I barely have time to play games much less make them, so my first question is usually about how they’ve managed to turn their passion for games into something approaching a career. When I saw the Kickstarter for Grand Gamers Guild’s Unreal Estate, I wanted to know a bit more about how the game came to life. When the founder of the company, Marc Specter, reached out to me on Twitter and suggested joining me on the show, I thought it was a good chance to try something new.

Unreal Estate was designed by Jason Slingerland, with art by Corinne Roberts, and graphic design by Chris Kirkman. For more info on Grand Gamers Guild, check out their website and the Unreal Estate Kickstarter campaign. It ends on Friday, October 21st, so plan accordingly.

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