Sock It To Me’s Spooky New Styles

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The first crisp nights of autumn are upon us, and their arrival can only mean one thing—Halloween is close at hand! If you’re looking for a way to express your Halloween spirit, even in the most conservative of workplaces, the best place to start is your own two feet. To that end, Portland’s Sock It To Me is back with a fresh Fall line, and more than a few of its designs are just perfect for the Halloween season.

If Universal’s classic monsters are your thing, their “Creature From the Shoe” and “Frankenstein’s Sockster” are sure to please.


Maybe you’re a fan of the literary macabre, in which case Poe’s “Raven” is more likely your speed.


Or perhaps you’re just looking to leverage images of the simplest, creepiest things that go bump in the night, like “Pumpkin Head” or the “Batnado.”


Sock It To Me has treats for every taste, so even if you’re looking for cthulhoid sea captains, you (and your tender tootsies) are covered. Best of all, each Sock It To Me product is handsomely designed and made for comfort and durability.

So head on over and check out the SITM storefront. Act fast, and you can even score an extra 10% off the Halloween selection.

Review materials provided by: Sock It To Me

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