Seagate Backup Plus Hub Has No Minuses

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Nice ports. Source: Seagate.
Nice ports.
Source: Seagate.

External storage is not exactly exciting tech. At the end of the day, it boils down to “can this hold my data” and “does it not look like garbage.” The industry has, thankfully, come a long way past the dull, gray boxes that I used to stick my spare drives in.

Seagate is a great example of a maker of quality storage who also makes a nice chassis. The front of the Backup Plus Hub is a nice blend of rounded angles and has a certain style to it. Available in 46, and 8 TB models, there’s just about something for any data hoarder.

What really makes the Backup Plus Hub stand out is the last bit: the hub. Seagate’s decision to stick two USB 3.0 ports on the front? That means that not only do you not lose a port by using it, you gain one. So if you’re on a device with limited USB ports (like my 2013 MacBook Air), you end up with one more than you started with and a ton of storage.

Even better, those extra USB hubs don’t add much to the cost. At $229, the 8 TB model that I reviewed is actually cheaper than some other drives of the same size. They also throw in 200 GB of cloud storage with OneDrive and their Dashboard software suite.

With a fast, reliable Seagate drive in a useful body, I heartily recommend making the Seagate Backup Hub a part of your desktop.

Note: Seagate was kind enough to send me a Backup Hub 8 TB model. I consider filling it up to be a personal challenge.

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