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Kickstarter Alert: ‘Pathfinder’ ‘Playbook Essentials’ for Android

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Trapdoor Technologies is running a Kickstarter to bring the best of Playbook for Pathfinder to the Android platform. Contributors will get to choose iOS or Android for their subscription, so even if you’re not an Android user you can help the campaign while gaining a subscription to the app. The Playbook Essentials for Android Kickstarter focuses on the exceptionally useful Library Module as well as character sheets from Playbook for Pathfinder. This includes the following features:

  • Interactive library
  • Pathfinder character sheet reader
  • Integration with the Paizo store. Any Playbook-enabled adventures you already own will be accessible in Playbook Essentials. You’ll never have to buy anything twice!!

Trapdoor has also just announced Dungeons and Dragons 5e SRD support for Playbook!

When I reviewed Playbook for Pathfinder on iOS I raved about the Library Module:

This module alone is worth the subscription cost to me. This module provides eBook versions of the Pathfinder rulebooks. That’s right, not PDFs, but ebooks; searchable, responsive, linked versions of the rulebooks.

So, if you have a book or module on the Paizo store (PDF format), the app will integrate with the store and give you an eBook version of it within Playbook. Instead of thumbing through dozens of books, or trying to manage PDFs, all of your books are available and searchable within Playbook. Useful for every player, but an enormous boon for any Pathfinder Society Organized Play game master or player. In Pathfinder Society Organized Play you are required to have any books used to create your character on hand. Playbook Essentials would always guarantee that you had all your books with you.

Full Paizo store integration in Playbook for Pathfinder is expected by late November, in time for inclusion for Playbook Essentials planned release in December.

In addition to the library feature mentioned above, the character sheet is included in Playbook Essentials. I covered the character sheet in depth in my prior review, but the character sheet gives you a customizable character sheet with all the tools you need to manage your character. If you turn your tablet vertical, it presents a traditional character sheet that can be printed.

Playbook Character Sheet
Character features are presented in modules. You can swipe left or right to see more stats and information. Screenshot from ‘Playbook.’
Character Layout editing Screen
The layout of the character sheet is customizable. Screenshot from ‘Playbook.’
Traditional Character Sheet View
Turning the iPad vertically presents a traditional character sheet. Items cannot be edited in this mode. You can print this sheet. Screenshot from ‘Playbook.’

Remember, you can support this campaign regardless of if you are an iOS or Android user. Your contribution can be applied to a subscription of either platform. For just $24 ($19 with available early bird) you get a year long subscription on either platform, a Kickstarter exclusive skin, and any stretch goals.

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