GBBP 96: Gerard Way & Nick Derington

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 96: Gerard Way & Nick Derington

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Today, we’re bringing you our chat with Gerard Way and Nick Derington from this month’s New York Comic-Con. Gerard Way rose to fame as the lead singer for My Chemical Romance before making the somewhat unexpected leap to the cozy peace and tranquility of graphic novels. Almost immediately, he burst onto the scene (and completely silenced any naysayers there might have been) with The Umbrella Academy.

Most recently, DC Comics has handed him the creative reins of Young Animal – their new “pop-up imprint” – which has echoes of ’90s Vertigo at its height. Young Animal has launched with four different titles, each of which is experimental in its own right and is pushing the creative envelope for DC in completely welcome and amazing ways.

If you missed it, we recently chatted with Cecil Castellucci and talked a bit about Shade the Changing Girl, which is one of the four Young Animal titles and which she’s writing. In addition to creative directing the entire imprint, Way is also writing the newest incarnation of Doom Patrol, and Derington is turning in the absolutely phenomenal art.

On this episode, we chat about Doom Patrol, taking creative risks, what constitutes a “pop-up imprint,” whether this will set a precedent for DC (and other publishers), and what else we might see from Young Animal down the line.


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