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For those still trying to decide. Source: Ventev.
For those still trying to decide.
Source: Ventev.

The first time I saw a USB-Connector (on a Nexus 6P) I was a bit skeptical. USB Micro seemed like a fine standard, and it was just everywhere. As 2015 turned to 2016, we started seeing more and more USB-C, including on laptops (like the New Macbook and several HP and Lenovo laptops). Now that the 2017 models are on the verge of being announced, it’s easy to see that USB-C is here to stay.

USB-C has won me over since first use—not struggling to make sure it fits the right way is a big win, even before the fact you can use it to push power to a laptop, or to serve video. Unfortunately, it’s such a new standard that there are a lot of bad cables out there, and they can kill your device.

I was very happy to see several new products from Ventev, a cable vendor I trust. The ChargeSync 2in1 is perfect for someone like myself, who has both USB-C and Micro devices in his life. But they’ve also made a flat, basic USB-C to ChargeSync cable (available at USB 2 and USB 3.1 speeds), as well as an update to their Wallport power plug. The new version has 3 old school USB ports (one at 2.4 A, great for tablets), and one USB-C. This r430 is an upgrade to the r2240.

If you’re looking for safe, reliable, and trustworthy USB-C?  You need to check out Ventev.

Note: Ventev provided an R430 Wallport and USB-C to C ChargeSync Cable (2.0, not 3.1). This doesn’t change things—if I do not trust a company, I’m not using their cable.

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