Daily Deals 091116

Save Big on Brick Building Plates and a Cool Backlit Mechanical Keyboard – Daily Deals

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Daily Deals 091116

So, if you’re really in the know about the LEGO brick building system, you know that LEGO no longer holds a patent on their basic brick patterns. The whole interlocking system went into the public domain years ago. LEGO just happens to be great about two things: imaginative designs, and licensing great properties for their kits (Star Wars, Marvel). That’s why you can, if you go looking, find “brick building” kits and accessories by other companies that say things like “100% Tight Fit with All Major Brick Sets.” Such kits and accessories may not use the same grade of plastic or have quite the same colors, but they will interface with LEGO, and can be a less-expensive way to expand your kids’ (or your) supply of parts for brick building. 

All this to say that if you need such accessories, these 5″x5″ brick building plates are on sale today for just $13.

Miss the satisfying click of a mechanical keyboard? Do the ultra-thin digital keyboards of today just feel wrong? Then give this AUKEY mechanical keyboard a try. It’s full-size, with a numerical keyboard and function keys, and attaches via USB. It also has LED backlighting with a variety of cool color combinations possible. And it’s on sale today for just $53.


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