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Easy Acc
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I’ve reviewed quite a few bluetooth speakers for GeekDad by now and the EasyAcc Dp100, true to its name, is the easiest of them. While not the best sounding, I’ve found myself occasionally turning to this speaker over the others because of convenience. What’s even stranger is that the convenience comes from the most unexpected place.


The EasyAcc speaker stands apart in one way from anything I’ve previously reviewed: it has a power switch instead of a button.

While this would seem like a small thing, one thing I’ve found from all bluetooth speakers I’ve tested is that the power buttons add an extra level of complication to turning the unit off. Sometimes it’s as simple as having to hold the button down for a few seconds, but other times it’s more complicated. In one unit I’ve reviewed, the power button sometimes power-cycles the device rather than turning it off, making you go through the whole process again.

It’s actually because of this that I sometimes grab the EasyAcc speaker when I need to go to a different room and know I won’t be long. The lack of complication combined with the EasyAcc’s small size and decent sound make it the more convenient option for many situations.

Easy Acc
Easy Acc back.

Like all bluetooth speakers I’ve tested, it comes with an Aux-in, buttons for play/pause and voume/track switching as well as a microphone for calls. The battery hold up well, having gone for quite a few hours on its first charge and not yet needing a second.

At slightly smaller than a can of soda, on the smaller end of bluetooth speakers I’ve tested, it’s convenient for travel. Simply throw it on your carry on and know, when you arrive, your tunes will be ready to go.

The EasyAcc DP100 is available at Amazon.com for 21.99, down from the original 69.99

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