Save Big on Portable Air Conditioning and Get Outlet Prices on Refurbished Amazon Gadgets

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Daily Deals 072616

Things are only getting hotter, and if you live in a home without air conditioning, you’re only going to get less comfortable. That’s why, when a permanent solution isn’t practical, portable AC is the way to go. And today, you can save 20% or more off some great portable AC solutions from Whynter.

We love bringing you refurbished deals because they’re basically a way to get brand new products at a discount just because someone bought it, and then returned it, usually without even opening the box. Well, Amazon is embracing this idea with their products by opening a special outlet store for all Kindle and Fire-branded gadgets. Find great deals on refurbished tablets, e-readers, TV streaming boxes and sticks, Amazon Echos and more!


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