Rio 2016 and the Real Superhumans


In 2012, London and the whole of the UK changed. It was an amazing thing. The Olympics came to town and the nation threw off its grumbly reserve and welcomed this festival of sporting endeavor. Everybody was in a good mood. People even spoke to each other on public transport.

If the Olympics was great, the arrival of the Paralympic games a month later was a phenomenon. The British love an underdog and they will cheer on anybody trying against the odds–to the absolute last. Every session for every venue was packed to the rafters. Those who couldn’t get tickets for the Olympics came and yelled their hearts out for the Paralympians. In London 2012 everybody won.

The coverage of the Olympics by the BBC was exemplary, but they didn’t have the rights to cover the Paralympics. They went to relative newcomer Channel 4. Their coverage of Paralympics was masterful, starting with an in-your-face two-minute trailer (included below). This year they are back for Rio 2016.

Again their trailer is a masterpiece. An inspirational three minutes. One that shows that almost anything is possible; that barriers are made to be broken. I feel slightly embarrassed watching it. All five members of our family are fully-able, and I still struggle with the day to day. I know nothing of what others face. The last moments of the trailer are an inspiration to parents everywhere.

Do watch the video, then go on to watch the games. The Olympics is a sporting feast, but the Paralympics is the summit of human endeavor. These are the real superhumans.


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