5x Video and 5x Tabletop: 10 Awesome New Gaming Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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KS VG 071416

The air on the planet’s surface is poison. Time to move up.

Fox n Forests

Just launched! Switch seasons to get ahead in this platformer.

Hyper Sentinel

Early game publisher Andrew Hewson is behind this ’80s-style space shoot-’em-up.

Prey for the Gods

Winter is coming and so are some rather substantial giants.

Pigsodus – the Ultimate Pig Adventure Game

Save your animal friends and become a bacon (sorry) of hope.



Kicktsarter TTG 071416

One reviewer: “I never realized how much my friends can’t be trusted.”

Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game

We got your evil dead, we got your walking dead

The Prophet: A Strategic Card Game

Your goal: brainwash everyone into believing the world is ending. Which it is.

Hat-Trick – card-driven football (soccer) sim for 2 players

Expanding a game that’s won praise for its authenticity.


Clean graphic design gets you right into the heart of the monster battle.

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