Captain America's Birthday

Celebrate July 4th with Captain America Birthday Giveaway!

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Captain America's Birthday
BUTTERSCOTCH! (Image by Marvel)

Did you know that Captain America’s 75th birthday is today, July 4? I know, overly convenient, but when you’re a fictional character, you get to enjoy such happenstances. Hasbro has been on point this past year, pumping out gobs of Captain America merchandise to coincide with Captain America: Civil War. So how does it all stack up? Hasbro was nice enough to send me a pack of their Captain America merchandise so I could see for myself. Even nicer? They’re sending even more to one lucky reader. But before you enter, do you want to know what’s in this most patriotic of superhero price packs?

  • Captain America Magnetic Shield and Gauntlet
  • Captain America Titan Hero Electronic Figure
  • Captain America Miniverse 2.5 Inch Figure 2-Pack Assortment
  • Captain America Miniverse Playset
Captain America Birthday Giveaway
Most patriotic weaponry (Image by Anthony Karcz)

It’s a mix of the biggest and smallest Captain America figures Hasbro makes. The Titan Hero figure actually has a lot more detail than I expected, it’s a far cry from those 12-inch figures that look like they were made out of runny cake batter. The articulation isn’t great, there’s only five points, including the neck; but the sculpt and deco are sharp. I like that there are multiple attachment points for the included shield, you can have Cap carry it on his back, arm, or in his hand. The electronics are a lot of fun as well. While it’s definitely not Chris Evans, you’ll get a suitably heroic sounding Cap phrase or battle sound when you push the button in his chest. There are about a dozen phrases, which I appreciate – knowing that I’d be hearing the same one or two phrases over and over again always kept toys like this off my kid’s wish lists when they were younger.

Captain America Giveaway
Image by Hasbro

The Miniverse figures are the smallest figures Hasbro makes, smaller than the 3.75-inch Marvel Universe line. I’ve seen these at the store and always passed them up, preferring the larger 6-inch Legends figures. However, if you’re trying to build out both sides of Captain America: Civil War, you can’t beat the price. For about the cost of two Legends figures, you can almost get the entire crew. Why almost? Because, despite the fact there’s a Black Widow figure they could use as a template, there’s no Scarlet Witch figure. Instead we get Crossbones, who was in the movie for roughly two minutes. Sigh. Why couldn’t they have paired up Cap and Bucky in a two-pack and then had her share a card with Vision? Character oversight aside, the figures are nice for their size. The snap-on armor that’s included in every two-pack adds extra play value to the sets (though it would be better if it was painted). When interacting with the playsets, like the Captain America Bunker, they’re even more fun. It reminds me a bit of the old Micro-Machines playsets; but without the constant fear that I’m going to sneeze and scatter my entire collection.

Captain America Giveaway
Image by Hasbro

The star of the prize pack, though, is the Magnetic Shield and Gauntlet. One of the coolest things that the Marvel Movie-verse has given us is Caps’ own version of “SNIKT” as his shield locks into place on his backpack. While a scaled replica of the backpack and shield combo isn’t in the cards (for this year, at least) the gauntlet is an excellent substitute. The shield is a little bigger than a standard frisbee and has a magnet in the center. Pair this up with the helmet and your nascent Captain America will be ready to go out and kick some butt…or just play a nice game of catch. Cap would approve of that.

If you need to expand your Cap-themed arsenal further, I’d highly recommend the Blaster Reveal Shield that Hasbro sent over. The shield looks great on its own; but when you press the star in the center, it hinges open with a satisfying woosh to reveal the blaster. The blaster takes standard Nerf darts and you’ll want to get extras – it’s got a an excellent range, as my daughter figured out.

To enter to win this prize pack, all you have to do is fill out the form below. One winner will be chosen at random this Friday, July 8.

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