Kickstarter Alert: Tashtego Is as Cool as I Thought

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You might remember about a month ago I wrote about a great Kickstarter project an old friend of mine is running, called Tashtego. The elevator pitch is that it’s like the old tool wrap your dad or mom had in the garage for their set of wrenches. When you need them, they roll out and each one is safe and sound in its own pocket. When you need to carry it around, it rolls up and ties, keeping everyone snug. Parker took this idea, and applied it to carrying toiletries. A magnificent idea!

Well, in light of my backing the project and writing about it, Parker has sent me an early sample, and with four days left before the project is done (it’s already busted its goal by more than 60%), I want to share my impressions of the Tashtego now that I’ve handled it.

It’s pretty much as cool as I expected.

It’s really kind of a throwback to the kind of high-quality camping gear you might have seen your parents or grandparents break out when you were little. It’s made of waxed cotton canvas – it feels like it could have been old Army surplus tent material, it’s so rugged and waterproof.

There’s a pocket for everything. Actually, there’s more pockets than I’ve figured out how to use yet, but that’s great. Everything just feels well-made and durable. There’s a nice zippered pocket for loose items. The grommet on the flap is perfect for hanging, and the leather strap adds class. And when you roll it up, everything is secure and ready to be stowed.


So, Kudos to Parker for his great idea, as well as for busting his Kickstarter goal. If this looks like the perfect toiletry bag replacement for you, there’s still time to get in on the project and get the not-quite-Early-Bird Kickstarter pricing.

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