A Great Alternative to the Travel Bag: Treat Your Toiletries Like Tools With Tashtego

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I love Kickstarter campaigns for products that are the result of a smart person having a great idea to fill a need, doing the hard work to develop it, and then putting it out for the world to see and support. My old buddy Parker Thomas has just such a campaign coming out soon for a great idea he had: he was sick and tired of the classic toiletry bag that was basically a black hole into which you dumped your personal items, and in which they would cross-contaminate and generally get messy. So he thought of the classic tool roll generally used to keep things like wrenches organized, and applied it to the problem. The end result is the Tashtego.

I love this idea. And Parker is planning his Kickstarter campaign pretty smartly. It hasn’t started yet, but he’s already drumming up advanced support and word-of mouth for the project. If you sign up to the Tashtego mailing list early, and help spread the word, you can get in on some extra bonuses when the campaign gets going (and yes, if you sign up through this link, you’re helping me).

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