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Bring Home More ‘Clarence’ With the ‘Dust Buddies’ DVD

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dust buddies

Okay, I’ll admit it; Clarence Wendell may not be the best cartoon role model. I mean, he’s not brave or noble like Finn. He lacks the empathy and drive of Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems. He sometimes plays with his friends’ toys without asking first, is prone to let his mind wander in class, and routinely pesters the adults in his neighborhood with his over-exuberance.

And yet still we love him because, despite his many flaws, he also possesses a can-do attitude, unquestionable loyalty, and positively boundless optimism.

Clarence (and his friends Sumo and Jeff) are back again in the second Clarence DVD collection from Cartoon Network, Dust Buddies. This volume brings together another dozen great episodes from the show’s debut season and showcases the outlandish personalities and deep bonds of the people of Aberdale.

Laugh along as Clarence is stricken blind the day of the school spell–I mean “Vision Bee” (“Puddle Eyes”), explores the joys of dating and the related shopping montages (“Clarence Gets a Girlfriend”), and has the best day ever with his pal Sumo (“Lizard Day Afternoon”). Other highlights include the imminently quotable “Money Broom Wizard” and the introduction of Jeff’s Moms in “Jeff Wins.” And let’s not forget the titular short, which sees the well-to-do mother of Clarence’s longtime frenemy Belson offer his mom, Mary, the use of their cleaning service for the day.

Best of all, Dust Buddies concludes with a sinister bit of Clarence fanfic that’s just perfect for the upcoming Halloween season! “Rough Riders Elementary” is equal parts Soylent Green and Invasion of the Body Snatchers wrapped up in all the humorous absurdity that is Clarence–this time in the form of a sinister chicken magnate.

Clarence: Dust Buddies retails for around $15, with a current Amazon price under 10 bucks. Even with minimal packaging and no bonus features, it’s a solid collection, especially at that price point, so pick it up today for your own Clarence-loving family.

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