Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Costume ROCKS!


Image from the BBC.
Image from the BBC.

This image is just starting to hit the geekerati websites, and it’s causing quite the stir. Personally, I love love love it. Where the last couple Doctors have sported outfits that gave off a vibe of wandering librarian-adventurers, this one takes us back to something we haven’t seen in quite a few regenerations: class. This is Pertwee without the frills, making Capaldi look like some kind of angry mentalist who can hypnotize you into doing the chicken dance with a look and a waggle of his fingers.


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2 thoughts on “Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Costume ROCKS!

  1. He certainly looks the part. I really liked Matt Smith’s Doctor, and was sad to see him leave, but now that I’ve seen an albeit brief teaser of Capaldi in the Dr Who Christmas special I can’t wait for the next series. He seems very “Doctory”.

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