Board Game Bento Does the Heavy Lifting and Delivers a Hefty Box of Games to Your Door!

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about the surprisingly satisfying Comic Bento, a monthly subscription box that brings a small pile of new graphic novels to your doorstep. Well, the fine folks at Comic Bento also run a second subscription box, and this one is geared to gamers. Tabletop board gamers, to be precise.

Board Game Bento, today’s sponsor, has a different theme each month, and they guarantee at least $80 worth of games and accessories in each box. A monthly subscription (with no commitment and the ability to cancel anytime) will set you back $50 + s/h. Committing to a six-month subscription reduces that price a bit. So it’s pricier than the comic book version (and many other monthly subscription boxes), which obviously means you’re taking more of a risk.

So what’s inside? Well, recent boxes have been themed to party games, food, and investigations. Some of the goodies inside have been Dixit, Boss Monster 2, Hoity Toity, Once Upon a Time, and Sushi Go!, so if you’re already a gamer and have a collection, you obviously run the risk of getting a game you already own. But that’s the risk with any blind box service, to be honest.

As I said, they guarantee at least an $80 value, and they also promise at least three different games in each box (or two games and an expansion). Some boxes also include accessories, such as dice or other ephemera, so your mileage may vary from month to month. However, a one-month subscription would make a great gift idea for any gamers you know. Because let’s be honest: who doesn’t love opening a mystery box?

If you’re in the market for a new subscription box, you may want to check this one out. Fair warning, though: they currently only ship to the USA and Canada. And as a special thank you to GeekDad readers, use the promo code GEEKDAD when you check out, and you’ll get $5 off any subscription level.

(Thanks to Board Game Bento for their sponsorship of GeekDad. All opinions regarding this service/product remain our own.)

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