5x Video and 5x Tabletop: 10 Awesome New Gaming Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Kickstarter VG 060216


Flicker between reality and fiction in this game from one of the artists behind Myst.


Fable Fortune

A digital card game that’s the latest from the beloved Fable franchise.



Help a shopkeeper achieve his dreams. Via the Square Enix Collective program.



Summon logs, eat sandwiches, and control a wizard.


Greedy Guns – a metroidvania inspired by Metal Slug

So much pew-pew, so little time.



Kickstarter TTG 060216

Railroads Second Edition Special Run

What could be cuter than wee wooden railroads?


Cave Pilot 55 – the Arcade Card Game

Tabletop bat-plane racing, inspired by an old Atari game.



Abstract strategy game with beautiful wooden components.


Barrage Battle

Flicking four-sided dice onto opposing units is our new favorite pastime.


Highwaymen: A Game of Robbery on the Open Road

Ride your tiny horses on the tiny road, steal tiny loot from tiny coaches.

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