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Upcoming ‘Hypercharge’ Video Game Isn’t Your Traditional Toy Story

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Hypercharge Video GameWhen the kids are away, the toys come out to play is a familiar theme in the movies. Between films like Toy Story and Small Soldiers, toys coming to life isn’t anything necessarily new. However, when it comes to video game concepts, Hypercharge is anything but played out.

Following the success and critical acclaim of their virtual reality environment in NewRetroArcade, the UK-based Digital Cybercherries, Ltd decided to apply their same high tech skills, attention to detail, and unique sense of style to Hypercharge. The game is currently only in the alpha review stage, but what I have seen so far is right up my alley. A first and third-person shooter with cooperative/multiplayer gameplay, the action figure-based action totally customizable. While there hasn’t been any mention of licensed characters making an appearance on the game, you play as your own fully-customized toy maneuvering through a dangerous landscape which seems larger than life.

Hypercharge Action Figures
Creating your own character in ‘Hypercharge’ is supposedly fully customizable, but it appears that massive pecs are 100% mandatory.

The pectorally-enhanced characters battle against a variety of foes with a hefty arsenal at their disposal. Digital Cybercherries explains the gameplay:

“How will you battle your way through houses, gardens, sewers and other deadly environments? Will you utilize your super powers? Charge the enemy with duel wielding weapons? Drive your way to victory? Fly into combat and save your friends? Blast your foe to pieces with explosives? Sever the opposition with swords? Or maybe you prefer to flood the environment? With a wide assortment of features, players will have the choice to play from our unique game-modes that will have you coming back for more.”

'Hypercharge' Video Game Screenshot

Although the NewRetroArcade was created for the Occulus Rift virtual reality platform, Hypercharge will be more widely available on traditional platforms such as Xbox One, Steam, Mac, and Linux. The hype train certainly has awhile to build momentum before it pulls into the station since this game hasn’t moved to the beta stage yet and a release date has yet to be announced. That said, I intend to give this game a shot.

The fact that any violence in this game is toy-based makes this game a welcomed break from the traditional blood and guts of most first-person shooters, and therefore, something I can hopefully play with my kids. However, the hyper-masculinity of the figures may give my daughters pause and leave me to battle the pint-sized aggressors on my own. Which, truth be told, is all right by me.

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