AMC Announces ‘Talking Preacher’ With Chris Hardwick

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Preacher-Talking-FeaturedI’ve talked a lot lately about Preacher because I’ve been waiting for this show as long as I can remember. I’m also a big fan of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead and Chris Hardwick, so it’s probably not a surprise that I’m also a big fan of his Talking Dead aftershow or that I’ve been lobbying for an aftershow for Preacher since the show was announced on AMC. My prayers have been answered!

Preacher-TalkingHardwickAMC just announced that there will be a Hardwick hosted aftershow for Preacher called Talking Preacher. While they could probably have come up with a snappier name for the show, they went the consistency route instead which I can’t fault them for. Unfortunately, there will only be two episodes of Talking Preacher–one for the premiere and one for the finale.

Preacher will premiere with a 90-minute episode on May 22nd, and Talking Preacher will air on May 29th after the encore showing of the premiere. The remainder of the Preacher  episodes will begin airing on Sunday, June 5th with the finale airing on Sunday, July 31st.

These aftershows are a great way for fans to get more information about the shows, how they are made, sneak peeks, and get to know some of the cast outside of their characters, but, most importantly, they act as free post-show therapy sessions. You won’t want to miss Talking Preacher!

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