Magformers Walking Robot Set Attracts Attention

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More than meets the – wait no, that’s something else.

Magnetic building tiles are a big toy segment right now, and Magformers is one of the big names. I was recently sent their Walking Robot Building Set. Made with rare earth magnets, the Magformers hold together well (indeed, sometimes almost drop too well). But my opinion of a toy aimed at the grade-school set is a bit silly. Instead, I gave the set to a random ten-year-old to try out. In the interests of full disclosure, the young man is already something of a Magformers brand loyalist.

Our test child observed that the Walking Robot set felt different from the other sets he had tried, but the cross-compatible tiles meant that his previous sets could be added to this, to make bigger robots and different designs than the (in my opinion, fairly basic) bundled robot options. The handy instructions are clear and understandable and easily discarded so one can build what one wants.

He for one, welcomes our magnetic robot overlords.
He for one, welcomes our magnetic robot overlords.

Magformers promotes the set as a S.T.E.A.M. toy. I’m not sure why this one set is more than the others (building is totes S.T.E.A.M.–either the E or the A, depending). But you know what I am sure of? This thing is fun.

Magformers gave me this set to review, and now a random ten-year-old thinks I’m neat. Thanks, guys!

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