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Magformers Walking Robot Set Attracts Attention

Magformers Walking Robot Set Attracts Attention

Walking robots! With magnets! How do they even WORK? That’s an old meme. Sorry. But still, magnetic robots, y’all–read! Read More


2 Magnetic Games for Kids

Overview: In Vampires of the Night, the mean ol’ vampire hunter Knobelzobel has scattered garlic all over the old castle ruins. Down below, the vampire children are sleeping. Leo Longtooth the guardian vampire has to clear garlic from the ruins … Read More

Tegu Reinvents the Wheel

Back in April last year, I wrote about a new twist on the wooden block: Tegu blocks, which have magnets embedded in them, allowing you to create some pretty neat constructions. I’ve always loved fiddling around with magnets, and the … Read More

Tegu: Blocks With a Twist

At first glance, Tegu blocks just look like slightly-fancy wooden blocks: unpainted, smooth with rounded edges, and each adorned with a little logo branded on a corner. There are four different shapes: a cube, a rectangle, and short and long … Read More