The GeekDad Mother's Day Gift Guide

The GeekDad Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day (coming May 11 this year) is traditionally a day of luxury and relaxation for moms—breakfast in bed, flowers, and a much-needed break from the routine. It’s also a good day to shower moms not only with affection, but with gifts that let them know just how much we appreciate them and everything they do.

Here, then, is the GeekDad Mother’s Day Gift Guide, featuring a selection of items for those very special and geeky ladies in our lives.

Game of Gnomes: The Throne of a Thousand Shovels

ned barkIf your mom is the gardening type and also has a fondness for George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, this hand-painted, hand-cast beauty is something she’s sure to love. Ned Bark, Lord of the North of Grassteros, is another great piece from Chris and Jane’s Place, the same duo behind the gruesomely grand Zombie Gnomes series. Best of all, he’s weather sealed for lasting durability. Summer is Coming! (Z.)


An iPad protected by a DODOcase.

Nothing will ruin a peaceful Mother’s Day brunch faster than a shattered iPad screen, so make sure mom’s electronic devices are covered in a DODOcase. This San Francisco-based company makes some of the best device cases around, and they have many stylish options for a whole range of electronics, including iPads (all versions), iPhones, Kindles, Nexus 7, and more. Each DODOcase is made by hand using traditional bookbinding techniques, so mom’s tablet will not only be well protected, it’ll look like a classy, hardcover book. (TF)

Impress Coffee Brewer

Impress coffee brewerIf mom likes her coffee to go, the Impress Coffee Brewer would make an excellent gift. It’s a combination thermal mug and coffee press that makes it really easy to brew a cup of coffee without making a pile of things to wash. Originally funded on Kickstarter, the Impress is now available from (JL)

Pebble Smartwatch

pebble_smartwatchWearable technology is going mainstream, and one of the pioneers is the Pebble Smartwatch. The Pebble Smartwatch is a great accessory for any mom. Linking to iOS and Android devices, the Pebble provides alerts and other information from your phone right on your wrist. (BM)

Kindle Paperwhite

paperwhiteIn 2012, the Kindle Paperwhite added new versatility to Amazon’s already wildly popular e-reader line in the form of a front-light. Late last year the 2nd generation Paperwhite improved functionality further with higher contrast, better illumination and a noticeably snappier processor. Add to this Amazon’s massive Kindle library with its frequent sales and specials – not to mention the additional perks for Amazon Prime members – and you’ve got the perfect gift for any mother, wife, grandmother or other book lover starting at just $119. The ultimate e-reader experience has never been more affordable. (Z.) [Review material provided by: Amazon]

Custom Instagram Magnets

A set of nine Stickygram Magents.
Custom magnets printed straight from your Instagram photostream.

Refrigerator magnets and moms go together, so visit Sticky9 (formerly StickyGram) to turn mom’s favorite Instagram photos into magnets. You can choose either a sheet of nine separate photos or a single photo that makes a nine-piece puzzle-style magnet. A sheet is $14.99 for nine one-inch magnets or $19.99 if you want mom’s magnets to be 40% larger (both options come with free worldwide shipping). Use the code FRIENDHGE5 to save15% off your first order. Sticky9 also sells iPhone cases and iPad tablet covers you can customize with your Instagram photos. (TF)

Oscium & Tektronix Test Gear

Oscium (left) and Techtronix (right) test gear.

Have a mom in your life that also tinkers with electronics? Do they have the test equipment they need? If they are an iOS user, the Oscium line of test equipment provides amazing results while remaining incredibly portable. Particularly, check out their new iMSO-204, which provides two analog inputs in addition to four digital inputs. If they are on Android or need something with more horsepower, bandwidth, etc, check out one of the latest from Tektronix. The TBS1000B provides great functionality at an affordable price. (BM)

Geek Mom: Projects, Tips, and Adventures for Moms and Their 21st-Century Families


The definitive guide for GeekMoms written by the founders of GeekMom. It’s jammed with cool projects for mom and the whole family, essays about parenting and geeky pursuits, advice and information on being a GeekMom, and many other tips and suggestions for GeekMoms of all stripes. Learn how to plan the best superhero parties, create awesome treasure hunts, recognize safe online communities for kids, introduce the geeklets to role playing games, make chess and cephalapod cupcakes, and many more ideas to spark the imagination. (CL)

A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook


Not all moms like to cook. And not all moms like Game of Thrones. But for those who like both, A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook (official as in endorsed by George R.R. Martin—he even wrote the introduction) is sure to be a hit. It features more than 100 regional recipes complete with full-color photos from the lands of Westeros and Essos, including such memorable dishes as Beef and Bacon Pie, Stewed Rabbit, Quails Drowned in Butter, Lemon Cakes, Creamed Swans, and, of course, Honey-Spiced Locusts. The recipes have been updated for modern kitchens and ingredients, but the book contains tips for those chefs daring enough to try authentic medieval meals. And if that weren’t enough, the book has a section detailing how to dine and entertain the way it’s done in the Seven Kingdoms. (TF)

Constellation Earrings
constellation-earringsI am not the best at shopping for jewelry but I have two great success stories. One is my wife’s engagement ring (not necessarily a great mother’s day gift but you are free to check out Karat Patch Jewelry in Charlotte) and the other is the Big Dipper Constellation earrings from ThinkGeek. I bought these for my wife this year and she has received a steady stream of compliments! (BM)

Evernote Premium

Evernote can help Mom remember everything she needs to remember.

A good gift for anyone, but moms can really benefit from Evernote‘s memory-enhancing powers. Evernote is useful for organizing pretty much anything: appointments, recipes, shopping lists, receipts, gift ideas, and countless aspects of a busy family life that moms need to remember. The free version is nice, but the premium version offers offline notebooks, shared notebooks (good for family scheduling), more storage, and better searching so mom can find what she’s looking for that much faster. A bargain at $45 per year. (TF)

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