A Geek Dad’s Year-End, Get-It-Done Self Review for 2014

I just googled a few items and discovered I haven’t done a year-end, get-it-done review since the end of 2012. I’d done one for 2011 and 2012, but somehow 2013 came and went and I have no idea what happened there. I’ll just blame it on my kids.

My hope is that some of the information below might be useful to you in your own personal and work lives. And trust me… for every item I seem to have under control, there’s a matching item that is completely chaos. I’m looking at my kids again.

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Jot Script

Digital Note-Taking With Penultimate and Jot Script

People who know me will tell you I don’t go too many places without my iPad. I’ve made it an indispensable tool for both my job and my personal life. It’s the only personal assistant I can afford, so I’m always on the lookout for new ways to use it. I get a lot of requests from friends and family (but also from complete strangers at my second office — aka, the coffee shop) who see me doing something with my tablet that they’ve not seen before. Many times it’s an app… and many times it’s an accessory of some sort. And sometimes it’s a bit of both.

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Back-to-School With Evernote

I’m not in school any longer. (But I still consider myself a life-long student and am always learning new skills and subjects.) But every now and then when thinking back to high school and college, I shake my head and think how useful today’s technology (both hardware and software) would have been to me. How might I have used it? Glad you asked.

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