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Living With Lego Friends

It’s been two months now since Lego unleashed the new Friends line into its apparently male-dominated range and by all accounts it’s flying off the shelves. One member of the Lego staff at their London Toy Fair stand told me … Read More

Silly Girls; Pink Is for Boys,Too!

Lego, Lego, Lego. This whole “Friends” line of yours sure has feminists in an uproar. Pink, purple, and teal pieces? Figurines that the New York Daily News calls “bosomy”? (I think the Daily News needs to have their eyes checked. … Read More

Funky Writing Shack?

Every once in a while -especially when we have a brilliant spring day- I find myself peeking out the tiny window of my basement office, contemplating a move to the great outdoors. There’s no more space in the house until … Read More