Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Ultimate Scheme’ Relaunch

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UltimateScheme-NewCoverUltimate Scheme is a fun resource management and worker placement game where you take on the role of an evil genius bent on world domination. Secretly plot your ultimate scheme while trying to stop your enemies from hatching theirs!

New to Kickstarter? Check out our crowdfunding primer. Please note that I played a prototype copy of the game so final components and quality will be different from what you see here.

I previously covered Ultimate Scheme but their campaign didn’t quite hit their funding goal. The team at Sasquatch Games has relaunched the game on Kickstarter with revamped cover art and modified components (mainly replacing custom wood markers for high-quality punch out ones) to keep their costs down while still providing the same great game. Thanks to these changes, the base game is now only $39. The Deluxe version of the game will include the custom wooden tokens though if you still want them.

Here is the updated component list.

The base game comes with:

  • Game Board (linen finish game board)
  • Player pieces (20 minion meeples and control markers in four colors for up to four players)
  • Resource Markers (130+ punch-out resource tokens for finance, occult, science, and unobtainium resources)
  • Game Cards (136 poker-sized cards)
    • 10 Factions
    • 10 Ultimate Schemes
    • 63 Scheme cards
    • 48 Action cards
    • 5 X-Factor cards
  • Rulebook
  • Ninja token
  • Anarchy marker
  • First Player token

There is also a Plan B expansion available with the deluxe edition which includes more schemes, action cards, and factions.

The stretch goals and add-ons were also simplified which I think is always good in a campaign.

The Stretch Goals will only add items to the Plan B Expansion and may include:

  • Interpol Agent
  • Event Deck
  • More Schemes
  • Single Player Mode
  • More Factions, Locations, and Ultimate Schemes

I’ve seen too many stretch goals and add-ons frequently bog down a project, especially post-funding, so I’m glad to see a much more streamlined campaign that should lead to more streamlined fulfillment.

If you were a former backer, or didn’t back before because the price was too high, check out their new campaign now!

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