Sequential Showcase: Young Justice

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Being a big fan of Peter David’s original Young Justice series, I was very excited to introduce my daughter to a brand new Young Justice series from the writing team of Art Baltazar & Franco (Tiny Titans, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam) and artist Mike Norton (Green Arrow, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam). DC Comics launched the series last week with Young Justice #0.

Young Justice Cover


The premise of Young Justice is a simple one. Robin, Aqua Lad and Kid Flash are tired of being sidekicks and crime fighting in the shadows of their mentors. To that end the novice heroes are allowed to strike out on their own as a covert unit under the auspices of the Justice League. As Young Justice they are guided by Red Tornado, trained by Black Canary and assigned missions by Batman. The young crime fighters are later joined by Miss Martian, Superboy and Artemis.

You Will Like It Because:

Young Justice is another solid all-ages title from DC Comics in the vein of Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam. The action is fast paced but the violence is minimal. The humor is sharp while being geared towards both kids and adults alike. Artist Mike Norton has a vibrant style that really instills a sense of fun to the book.

“I’m trying to keep true to the look of the show while still having fun like I did when I was drawing Shazam. Hopefully, it’s both faithful and fun.” says Norton.

Young Justice Artist Mike Norton

Kids Will Like It Because:

My daughter really liked the idea of the sidekicks doing their own thing without the adults around to check up on them. Kids can easily relate with the theme of independence. The writing is geared towards an all-ages crowd but it is not dumbed down, something my daughter really appreciates.

The Scoop:

The launch of Young Justice coincides with the new animated series of the same name on Cartoon Network. The book is meant to be a companion to the TV series and I highly recommend both.

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